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Thank you Everyone for all the outstanding efforts all of you made to ensure that this years Camp Day was a great success! Thanks to all of you and our amazing guests and volunteers our group of restaurants raised $100,405.20!  As a result, our restaurant group will be sending over 50 financially deserving kids to camp this year!  Also many other deserving young kids will All of you are making a true difference in the lives of many deserving young people.
These kids will be treated exceptionally well and will learn how to be the best person that they can be.  For many,  it will be the first time that they will not have to worry about what is happening at home,  it will be the first time that they will develop confidence in themselves,  and it will be the first time that they can just be kids,  have fun,  and not worry about their next meal.  They will also learn real coping skills for life.
I know from personal experience in meeting many of these kids and visiting the camps and following up with them a number of years later,  that many credit their Tim Horton’s camp experience as being the single most  important and positive turning point in their lives.  In short their camp experience has allowed them to fulfill a greater potential in their lives and become well adjusted,  positive,  contributing members of society.
The top 3 restaurants in dollar donations were 376 in Milton, 1647 in Brampton, and 278 in Brantford. Congrats to everyone !