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Congratulations to our Quicker Foods team for receiving both the Jim Near Legacy Award and the Operations Excellence Award at this year’s Wendy’s Conference in Las Vegas.

The Jim Near Legacy Award recognizes talent and organizational excellence and honours the memory of the former CEO of Wendy’s, who believed People were the foundation of our business.

As a company we have always aimed to put people first, and this year Wendy’s presented us with the Award noting our low Crew and Management turnover, focus on promoting talent from within, and rewarding our people – as exemplified through this year’s Management trip to Mexico and our Crew Appreciation days.

Our Wendy’s restaurant teams have done a fantastic job of executing operationally this year, as evidenced by also receiving the Operations Excellence Award. Year to date we have seen sales increase 7.68%, customer counts increase 5.48%, and 88.2% average Customer Experience Evaluations!

Receiving both of these awards is prime examples of how taking care of your people can create a virtuous cycle –  as they will take better care of your customers, and that in turn will drive the business. Congratulations to the entire Quicker Foods Team which has had a fantastic year under the leadership of District Manager Melissa Corby – Well Done!